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Cap Cana invites you to awaken your sprit of adventure and enjoy the active life that renews the body and your sense of wellness. Visit our spas and enjoy our ecological paradise. Plunge into our lifestyle and embrace its pleasures as your own.


A compelling experience by the hand of Jack Nicklaus

Play golf at Punta Espada, a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course listed among the world’s finest.

Challenge and beauty are entwined in this outstanding 18-hole par-72 course, which has hosted the PGA Tour’s Champions Tour.

Hours: everyday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

I Believe Cap Cana offers one of the finest golf experiences in the Caribbean and the World.




The Billfish Report has declared the east coast of the Dominican Republic as the number one billfish area. The promise of blue and white Marlins, Sailfish, Wahoo and Tuna make this a favorite of anglers. The Marina is a catch and release marina, member of the Billfish Foundation. Major angling tournaments are held each year.


The agricultural engineer Alejandro Battro, considered the most prestigious designer and builder polo fields, designed the polo fields of Los Establos, Ciudad Ecuestre. These fields were builder polo fields. These fields where built with 60 cms. of pure sand, ever made in any other court in the world. Exclusively design for this discipline that feature: there polo fields, special stables for up to 112 polo horses, a broad training track, stick and ball field for training of players and / or horses. Polo School for children and adults.

“The high standard achieved in the construction of these fields is a result never obtained in any other field around the world”
Ing. Alejandro Battro


Eco adventures for the whole family

Cap Cana is a natural reserve of the region’s remarkable flora and fauna. Have fun with the whole family while exploring, hiking and bird watching along the trails and caves.

From the rhinoceros iguanas to the sea turtles, and from varieties of palms to exotic bromeliaceous plants, our ecological trails provide hours of botanical adventure and the thrill of discovery. Follow the trails through the tropical forest and along the cliff overlooking the majestic Caribbean Sea.

Learn more about the extraordinary eco adventures

Water Sports

Awaken the Spirits of the Deep Blue


Enjoy an experience of unparalleled beauty and navigate along the turquoise waters of Juanillo beach.


Experience a magical underwater world with brightly colored schools of fish swimming by Cap Cana’s reefs.


Discover the vibrant colors and shapes of the coral reefs and the whimsical beauty of the Caribbean Sea marine life.


Flips and spins are only for the intrepid experts, but even for beginners, it’s bound to be quite a ride at Caletón beach.

Reservations are not required

Activities available every day from 9 am to 5 pm

Price: US$10.00 per hour including taxes


Sail out from Cap Cana Marina

The beauty of Cap Cana’s sunsets can be enjoyed while you set sail out of marina Cap Cana.

Arrange for a luxury charter to cruise along Cap Cana’s waters bathed in sunlight. Miles of white sand beaches and the majestic cliffs that keep vigil along the coast make these luxury charters an unforgettable experience.

Available upon request


Adventure awaits, Challenge your mind and body

Cave Expedition

Zip Line

Waterfall Expedition


The rush of gliding through the forest, across the magnificent “El Farallón” cliff and plunging into nature is an experience that combines speed and courage with the love of nature.


Slip Away from your hotel and enjoy a half day adventure packed with entertainment, filled with nature and bursting with culture! In this unique adventure you will come in close contact with the Dominican’s rich culture and the country’s amazing contrasts.


Considered the best caving expedition in the country. Hike up into the slopes of El Farallon Cliff, and go through a pristine jungle while learning all about the flora and fauna of the Dominican Republic and many of the secrets that the jungle holds. Upon reaching the mouth of the cave, descend an eco friendly staircase and go through the vast underground network of chambers and tunnels that lie beneath.

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Fitness and Sports

A Celebration of Health and Body Awareness

Racquet Sports

Our stunning Golden Bear Lodge tennis courts or the beautiful paddle court at the Marina Beach provide an intense and fun workout opportunity.

Tennis lessons are available.

Mountain Bike Eco Trail

Handling the bike on a dirt track requires skill, balance and strength. Set your sights on this extreme action sport. Explore the wonders of Scape Park on a Mountain Bike Eco TRail..

Additional bikes are available for rent at Scape Park.

Countryside Horseback Ridding

There is no better way to explore the natural surroundings of Cap Cana’s countryside idyllic setting than by horseback, trotting quietly along the densely shaded trails, green with foliage. Countryside Horsebakck riding is a great choice for a family breake.


A riding academy where students of all ages and skill levels are exposed to a wide range of riding disciplines, from show jumping and dressage to polo. Our riding academy’s superb location complete with modern facilities makes it the destination of choice for beginners and experts alike.


Let yourself be enthralled by the unique sport of dressage. Watch on as rider and horse perform a series of immaculately prearranged movements and gaits in this sport of utmost precision. Los Establos has a dedicated arena that is ideal for you to hone your dressage skills. Whether watching as a spectator or participating as a rider, experience the magnificence of dressage at our state-of-the-art arena.

For the Kids

The Wonderfull Kids World

Animal Encounter

Kids visiting Scape Park have can have a fun encounter with tropical animals there are parrots, toucans, white-headed capuchin monkey. Other exotics animals are displayed. Kids in town are loving this enconter!

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Koko’s Kids Club

Vacations are all about having a good time, that’s why Eden Roc Cap Cana has created the Koko Kids Club. Kids will have an unforgettable vacation. Contests, games, scavenger hunts, arts & crafts and Koko’s Mini Spa are a few of the many adventures we have planned for our mini guests.

Always accompanied by our highly trained staff, we guarantee that kids of all ages will have a fun and exciting time.

Summer Camps

Kelowha Summer Camp takes place every year at Cap Cana Heritage School for children 7 to 12 years of age. Sports, eco-tours including horseback riding, workshops and beach activities encourage exercise and camaraderie among the children.

Let your kids join in the fun of an unforgettable summer.

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Learning Sports


Golf Lessons

Train like the pros, to build a game you can be proud of! Imagine learning to hit your driver longer and straighter beginning at our ample practice facilities then applying it on the golf course at some of world’s most spectacular tees. That’s an example of a 90-minute golf training session at Punta Espada.

Tennis Lessons

Tennis lessons are aveilable with our pro Alberto Pichardo is our Tennis who is certified by the Professional Tennis Register (PTR) and is a member of the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Alberto was ranked in 2011 as #17 of the Dominican Tennis Federation in the C-1 Masculine Category.

Equestrian Disciplines Lessons

The polo and riding schools at Los Establos, have professional certificates in various equestrian disciplines, which conduct classes for children, teens and adults. Special camps, specialized courses, group lessons, and other activities are organized as part of the annual program.

Scape Park

Scape Park is a natural theme park with numerous attractions ranging from adventurous and adrenaline-pumping activities to cultural and highly entertaining experiences, guaranteeing an unforgettable visit.

The Park is located in the heart of the Cap Cana Resort, encompassing a surface of more than 1 million square meters. Its limestone topography presents many interesting landforms, the Farallon being one of the most spectacular. The Farallon cliff is over 100 meters high and extends 800 meters along the coast, providing for spectacular views in various of the park’s activities. Multiple caves, caverns, and cenotes (natural lagoons) are found within the  unique landscape of Scape Park.

A place where nature embraces your senses, takes you back through time and fills you with emotion.

At the Marina

  • Sunshine Cruise
  • In Shore Fishing
  • Off Shore Fishing
  • Juanillo VIP
  • Yacht Rentals
  • Vive Juanillo
  • Beach Getaway

At the Park

  • Zip Line Eco-Adventure
  • Waterfall Expedition
  • Hoyo Azul Eco Tour
  • Cenote Indígena Las Ondas
  • Countryside Horseback Riding
  • Mountain Bike Eco Trail
  • Cultural Eco Route

Culinary Experience

Food connoisseurs and novices alike can indulge in an epicurean adventure, and enjoy the premier accommodations of the Eden Roc Hotel while discovering the best our island has to offer.

Food and travel enthusiasts that appreciate exploring new destinations and fine dining will delight in the best of both worlds with this unique package.

View available culinary experiences

These promotions are subject to change. Availability needs to be confirmed through reservation.


Casabella’s breakfast offering includes an appetizing buffet, including all the traditional favorites. At Mediterraneo, you can enjoy the daily options available including fresh juices, baked breads, muffins and desserts, and local items handpicked by the Chef.

Sunday Menues

Every Sunday, from noon to 4:00pm, enjoy the diferents menues at the beach restaurants featuring an appetizing selection of meats, fish and seafood.

Meet Our Top Chefs

Hernan Griccini

Chef Hernan Griccini was born in Alcorta, Santa Fe, and was raised in the kitchen of his father’s wood oven bakery. He has been the Executive Chef of various Relais & Châteaux properties, as well as at the 5-star rated restaurant Chez Nous and the Four Seasons, Buenos Aires.

He has taught culinary arts in Rosario and Buenos Aires, Argentina and has participated in several cooking competitions. Chef Griccini places personal emphasis on his passion, commitment and his vast gastronomical savoir-faire.


Executive Chef of Juanillo Beach, Food & Drinks since 2010 who has been dedicated to creating international dishes that highlight the flavors and techniques of Dominican cuisine. Chef Embert created the Juanillo Beach, Food & Drinks menu with Chef Gregorio Martínez, also recognized as one of the best Dominican chefs.

Embert previously worked with renowned Dominican Chefs such as Mike Mercedes, and at the notorious kitchens of the Hotel Jaragua and Pepperoni Café in Santo Domingo.

Jerome Bondaz

Chef Jerome Bondaz, has joined the staff of Eden Roc, as the new Chef de Cuisine. Chef Jerome Bondaz cooked for the The Prince of Monaco wedding reception and has worked in three starts Michelin restaurants such as “Can Fabes” in Barcelona, “Le Louis XV” and “Le Grill” at the Hotel de Paris’s in Monaco where he worked with Chef Alain Ducasse.

He has joined Eden Roc as the Chef de Cuisine.

Cap Cana