Dominican Cuisine

The Dominican cuisine is a vibrant mix of cultures, a blend of Spanish, African and even Arawaks indigenous (Taínos) influences; there fore it has a vibrant variety and flavorful combinations, on your visit to Cap Cana this are some of the plates from our great gastronomy you should try:

The traditional Dominican breakfast, a guilty pleasure consisting on, of fried eggs, “mangú” (mashed green plantains toped with onion), fried salami, fried cheese served every morning at Juanillo Beach Food & Drinks.

For lunch we recommend Api’s Beach or Juanillo Beach Food & Drinks for a deep fried fish or as we call it “Boca Chica” style that is one of the most traditional meals served in beach communities. On Saturdays a Dominican platter, are served on Saturdays at La Mona , with fried pork rinds, fried cassava balls, fried pork chunks, stewed crab canastas, cassava bread, sweet potatoes and fried plantains. Maraca Gourmet also serves a sampler whit delicious dominican sausage “longaniza”, fried pork chunks of pork belly, plantain stuffed with spicy goat, conch or crab meat.

Rich casseroles, stews, and meat dishes are part of the culture, at La Mona, you can taste a Shrimp and Halibut stewed rice Creamy dominican shrimp and Halibut rice stew with a twist of “Mamajuana”, Goat Stew covered with yuca mash and grained with rosemary. For a Grandma’s Bean “Sancocho”, made with meet and blanck beans stew or a succulent Shrimp “Asopao” stew with a Dominican folk sauce made with tomatoes and red peppers accompanied by fried green plantain chips you can visit Maraca Gourmet any of this dishes are great to end a day of adventure.

If you would like a special meal La Palapa by Eden Roc pays a tribute to the riches of the Dominican culinary culture and the goodness of the local products, the team of European and Dominicans chefs come together to present a four course tasting menu available by reservation only, based on the most typical island dishes prepared with the touch of the old continent.

Dominican sweets are mostly based on milk and fruit and have an influence of Spanish cuisine. Stop at Maraca Gourmet for a coconut crème caramel and milk caramel spread or a typically Bread Pudding a la mode. Scape Park Cafe refresh you self with a “frío-frío”, have ice with syrup that is a must on hot days.

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