Atlético de Madrid arrives in the Dominican Republic bringing with it the methodology of the renowned training academy in relation to the practice of football.

This novelty will benefit young athletes with great passion for this discipline, which advances rapidly among local sports preferences.
In order to offer the details of this good news, a meeting was held in the facilities of the Equestrian City of Los Establos in Cap Cana, with the participation of Alejandro Leandro, Representative of the Atlético de Madrid Academy in the Dominican Republic, Fernando López, Head of International Expansion of the Atletico de Madrid, Javier Vidales, Athletic Director of the Atlético de Madrid Academy and Rodrigo Real, General Director of Los Establos, who offered the details of the project. “Today we started with this Los Establos campus but the idea of ​​Atlético de Madrid is to stay in the country for a long period of time and be able to contribute to improve the soccer level that Dominicans already have innate,” said Fernando López.
In this way the country joins the expansion project of Atlético de Madrid, which aims to promote the overall development of the athlete under the philosophy and knowledge of the distinguished Club of Madrid.
With the signing of the agreement, the Dominican Republic joins the network of teams from America, Europe and Asia prepared by Atlético de Madrid, including Mexico, Romania, Uruguay, and soon Israel and China, among others.
This alliance generates different possibilities for children and young people to start and develop football practice. Although in the case of Dominicans there are already some who excel in this discipline, says Vidales, Sports Director of the Academy.

“In Spain there are Dominicans who are shining and who are already part of leading teams,” he added.
Among the first activities to be carried out for the coming months are an Integral Coaches Course, a summer football camp, seminars and the beginning of the implementation of the Atlético de Madrid Academy.
These activities will be based in the courts of the  Los Establos Equestrian City, located in Cap Cana.