Featured article Cap Cana The Magazine

Author: Anita Gonzalez Sigler

Photo Credits:  Ricardo Piantini

Stepping over the threshold into Elite Lounge at AlSol Luxury Village, it’s clear that you’re entering a space that is both relaxing and recreational. Welcoming as well as modern, it also has that unmistakable Caribbean and colonial touch as a tribute to its location.

The interior design, by Catherine Kury and her Homeset studio, is inspired by the Cap Cana area and its sea, sky, palm trees and marine life. The hotel’s colonial-style architecture was also used as a model when it came to decorating this idyllic setting, in which the functionality of the spaces and attention to detail prevail, all with the aim of ensuring that the guest feels at the very center of things.

Blue, cream and ivory tones predominate in the lounge. The ivory- white-colored wood paneling used in some of the furniture and on the stairs gives it a spacious feel. The different shades of blue define every space. The floors transmit warmth through the use of two contrasting colors. In some areas, the tall. light ceilings are lined with raffia in neutral colors and a barely perceptible hint of pale blue.

With visible pride, Catherine describes two features as her particular favorites: “One is the staircase, because it combines several intricate elements like the wooden panels, the banisters, and the white marble topped steps with colonial-style mosaic risers. The second is a deep blue wall with three-dimensional silver-colored fish, framed by a lamp that is more than four meters tall. “






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